Massage for Horses

Horses are just like us, they have jobs and daily activities that can cause muscles to become tight and painful. Repetitive motion or standing in a stall can reduce the range of motion in the horse’s body. This reduction in range of motion combined with pain can cause a horse to misbehave, buck, rear or bite. Pain is often the reason behind bad behavior in horses.

Reduced Pain Means Better Performance

Massage therapy loosens the tight muscles and increases blood flow into the area bothering the horse. This reduces the pain, increases range of motion, decreases bad or dangerous behavior and increases performance. All of which makes for a happy horse owner and rider.

Massage for Trainers

A 2005 graduate of the Brian Utting School of Massage, Kristi has been in private practice for five years in Bellevue focusing on injury treatment and chronic stress relief.

Massage Techniques

I am trained in Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, cranial sacral and lymphatic drainage techniques. All can apply to your horse and I use whichever technique need at the time of treatment.

Is Your Horse in Pain?

Shifting weight from one hind leg to another while standing.
Excessive tail wringing or swishing.
Stiffness coming out of the stall or just starting under saddle.
Cranky behavior in a normally sweet horse.
Reluctance to perform hsi job (stopping at jumps, resisting collection, swapping leads).

Have a Horse? Will Travel!

While I do have an office for human massage, for some silly reason my building owner frowns on horses coming into his building.  I travel to your stable for treatments.  I also travel to local shows on request if I’m not already working at them. Look for my Performance Horse Massage Therapy tent! I generally will travel within an hour of my base in Renton. Further travel requires an additional charge, please call for details

Kristi is a compassionate, thorough equine massage therapist. Kristi doesn’t rush through her work; she is committed to the horse’s complete pain relief. She has worked on two of my horses, and I could immediately tell the difference in how they moved under saddle. One horse has TMJ and within two massage sessions, his inflammation was quelled and he was willing and able to work in the bridle again.

Brenda Jacroux

Chez Jacroux Farm Equestrian

As a fellow equestrian, I highly recommend Kristi’s massage therapy for yourself and your horse.

Kristi worked on a horse I leased last summer who was short-strided on his left hind, stiff in both shoulders and showed overall tightness in all major muscle groups.

Within a few sessions, Corona showed huge improvements! His stride opened up, he turned easier after jumps and seemed to be happy to go to work each day.

Seeing the changes in this horse, I began therapy with Kristi. I have had poor posture for most of my life along with scoliosis in my upper spine. These are exaggerated when mounted on a tall horse! Again within a few sessions, my posture in the saddle and off improved immensely. I actually got compliments from my trainer on my position which has never happened before! I feel my shoulders are more flexible enabling me to move better while riding.

Its been very helpful to have a massage therapist who also rides. She understands what riding can do to the body and with her therapy, I plan on riding for a very long time!

Kathy H.

Daily sports massage at the Oregon High Desert Classic helped Maestro’s neck stay flexible and supple through a busy week of showing in several divisions. We were Reserve Champion!

Emily Reams

After a racing career and several years ponying at the track, my event horse Chance was lacking range of motion on his right side and having difficulty picking up his right lead. Two massage sessions showed remarkable improvement. Chance was more comfortable moving to the right at the trot and easily picked up his right lead.

Braiden Ludtka

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