I’m excited to announce I now have an Avant LZ30-Z cold laser. This is a class 3b laser, not medical grade, and approved for use on competition horses as well as people. The treatment options for horses and people are almost limitless.  My laser is small and portable but powerful. The option of red and infrared beams give me flexibility to treat systemic pathologies or localized pain and inflammation. With the power of my Z laser treatment times are commonly 2-10 minutes. The laser is safe, you cannot over treat any area. e f

Horses or people that have tender areas that can’t tolerate deep work really benefit from the laser. I have a Thoroughbred that is perpetually body sore in his low back. Massage has helped him in the past but it’s not comfortable for him. Use of the laser was non invasive so he could relax, which also helped him heal.

My human clients have found improvement with post surgery recovery and chronic trigger finger.

Not to be left out dogs have also benefited from laser treatment. A lovely older pit bull with low back disc problems had reduced inflammation around her vertebrae, increased range of motion and less discomfort.